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  • Foto PierFrancesco FioratoPierfrancesco Fiorato (*1959) studied Philosophy in Genoa and Zurich and received his PhD from the University of Zurich in 1993. Since 2002 he is associate professor of Moral Philosophy and Philosophy of History at the University of Sassari. He is the author of Geschichtliche Ewigkeit. Ursprung und Zeitlichkeit in der Philosophie Hermann Cohens (1993) and has published widely on neo-Kantianism and German-Jewish thought in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He is also the Italian editor and translator of several of Hermann Cohen’s works. He has participated in international conferences and research projects on the thought of Hermann Cohen, Walter Benjamin and Franz Rosenzweig at universities across Europe and North America. – Memberships: “Società Italiana di Studi Kantiani”; “Associazione Italiana Walter Benjamin”; founding member of: “Hermann Cohen Gesellschaft” and “Internationale Rosenzweig Gesellschaft”; member of the scientific advisory board of the “Hermann Cohen Gesellschaft” and of the executive board of “ha’atelier - werkstatt für philosophie und kunst”; member of the editorial board of the journal “nuova corrente”.

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